The European Public Law Center (EPLC) is a Mandated Body for implementing Twinning programs on behalf of the Hellenic Republic. The EPLC has a long-standing experience in managing and coordinating Twinning programmes and has successfully completed 35 Twinning and Twinning Light programmes in numerous countries and sectors since 1995.

The EPLC inter alia implements EU-funded projects in various fields such as Law Enforcement, Institution and Capacity Building, Public Administration, Environment, etc. in Europe, the Middle East, Central and East Asia, Africa and Latin America. With the aim of creating and developing public institutions, the European Public Law Center has made significant progress in promoting its activities within a number of countries. Not only through projects funded by the EU, but also through the European delegations in the Balkan countries as well as Central and Eastern Europe, the European Public Law Center has implemented, and continues to implement, programmes for the advancement of the European idea. 

In addition to its activities in Europe, the EPLC also pursues to strengthen its presence on a broader, more international level. It has gradually expanded its activities in the non-European Mediterranean countries, as well as in Central Asia, not only because of their geographic proximity to Europe, but also because a number of these countries are currently in the process of developing and modernizing their legal systems.