What is Twinning?

The Twinning programme aims to help beneficiary countries to develop modern and efficient administrations, with the structures, human resources and management skills needed to implement the EU acquis. The programme provides a framework for administrations and semi-public organisations in the beneficiary countries to work with their counterparts in the EU Member States to facilitate the transposition, enforcement and implementation of EU legislation.

Twinning Light Project


This is a twinning partnership between the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey, DG for Customs and the European Public Law Center (EPLC) of Greece. The aim is to establish a modernized and effective system of border protection regarding IPR in a way to ensure operational control throughout Turkish Customs Territory.

Period and Funding of the Project

The Project has started on December 8th, 2015 and is scheduled to end by June 2016.  It is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. The budget is € 250.000.

Purpose of the Project

Project intends to increase the legal and administrative capacity of Turkish Customs Administration in line with EU norms and standards for proper and effective implementation of the EU Regulation 608/2013.